Casita Salvadorena Restaurant, Richland Hills, TX

C and I were out and about on a workday evening and it was getting too late to head home and have something home cooked.  (And by too late I mean: I was interested in any excuse possible to eat out and not go home and have green salad.)

I pulled up good ole google maps, typed in restaurants, and since the sandwich place we’ve been trying to get to was closed (again), we went for an unknown: a little mom and pop salvadorian place that had a total of 4 Yelp reviews and no other information to go on other than the fact that each reviewer mentioned yummo $1 papusas.  Sold.

This has perhaps been our best surprise find in Fort Worth history!

Bean and Cheese Papusa

C couldn't even wait for the picture






We started with papusas – 1 each (bean and cheese for me, pork and cheese for C) and they were perfect.  I was kind of sorry we ordered anything else!  The cheese was mushing out and cooked slightly crispy where it hit the pan.  Served with a little bit of spicy cabbage some amazing red and green sauces, these papusas are worth going back for.  Again.  And again.

IMG_0154IMG_0155After our little appetizer, C had the fried fish with rice and beans (a whole tilapia, crispy on the outside, juicy and hot on the inside) and I had the chicken and vegetable sandwich (an interesting combo of pulled chicken with cooked veggies and a hard boiled egg).  Both were wonderfully fresh and delicious.  So so very good!

No dessert due to the fact that we had stuffed ourselves to capacity, but we shared a tamarind drink and there were sweets for sale (cookies and some sort of sponge cake/sweet bread) that we will for sure be trying on another visits.

If you find yourself in Fort Worth, Richland Hills, or anywhere nearby, stop in and show some love for this local family owned restaurant!  Or drive in from the big D – it’s worth it!

C’s rating for Casita Salvadorena – 9/10 mangoes

K’s rating for Casita Salvadorena – 9/10 mangoes

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