Kitchen Confidential and No Reservations


No reservations is a staple in my small TV watching library.  As K and I only have Roku and Netflix to satisfy our minimal hunger for the boob tube.  I think I remember watching it as early as 2005, but I could be wrong.  Because I could have sworn that my dad had watched something with Anthony in it as early as 2004.

I love the show.  Even when its awkward, it still doesn’t hold a candle to the awkwardness on the Office.  But then again, NR is “real” tv. right?

I finished Kitchen Confidential before K started to read and I have to say that I was confused at times.  Was this confusion brought on by trying to understand the post traumatic ramblings of the now clean and sober. (Much like the first time I tried to read Hunter Thompson.  Wow, that was an eye-opener.)  Many of the chapters ran on and on.  We did this and then this and then this, like a little kid screaming for their parent’s attention.  However, the chapters on kitchen tech, the process of running a kitchen, and what not to order on a particular day had me thrilled.  Why?  because I am a person of process.  Its the journey and not the destination.

Anthony is different in NR, but I saw this before reading the KC.  He is humbled constantly.  Careful not to screw up and insult people at every turn.  I believe his sensitive nature.  In one of my all time favorite episodes INTO THE FIRE, he comments over his old footage and calls himself a “cocky bastard”.

Some other favorite NR episodes:

  • Osaka
  • France
  • Korea
  • Singapore
  • Vietnam
  • New Jersey
  • Disappearing Manhattan

All the places he visits could possibly make it to my “bucket list”.  He makes everyplace welcoming and homey.  I picture myself there.  But I have to honest with myself, I don’t have Anthony’s connections and so a trip might be a little lackluster.  Although he can make even the most humble of side-stand, hole-in-the-wall eateries look so romantic.  (I fall in love too easily)

C’s Rating of Kitchen Confidential: 6/10 mangoes

C’s Rating of No Reservations: 9/10 mangoes

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