Movie Catch Up

Ssshhhh… C and I have been really busy lately.  We are shopping for a house and are attacking it with our usual amount of obsession and neurosis.

But we have been enjoying some movies, too!!  Here’s what we’ve been watching lately:movies

First up, House on Haunted Hill, a Vincent Price classic from 1959. And just as scary as the first time I watched it. 5 guests are invited to a haunted mansion.  Anyone that can survive the night wins $10,000 from the host.  But what if the host can’t survive??

Next is the movie that got C and I started on our classic horror kick: Rosemary’s Baby.  This was a first time viewing for both of us, and although it was a little obvious, I still really liked it. Nice and creepy.  And there’s nothing more touching than hearing your husband, future father of your children, yell “STAB IT! STAB IT!!!” as Rosemary stands over her newborn’s cradle.

C and I finally saw Argo, and I think he liked it a little more than I did.  I dunno, maybe it was all the hype, maybe the fact that I knew what happened from history class.  But I wasn’t on the edge of my seat.  Lesson learned.  An oscar nominated Ben Affleck film is still a Ben Affleck film.

And then, of course, was the classic Jurassic Park, rereleased in 3D just in time for my birthday!! Here’s a movie that is standing the test of time.  To be honest, the 3D was a bit distracting here, but C and I couldn’t stop commenting on how well this dewey-eyed 20 year old is holding up after 2 decades of special effects improvements.  Still love it, after all this time!

We’ve also started watching the 7 Up documentary series from the UK following a group of British children every 7 years from age 7 to present.  We’ve seen up through age 21.  Pretty interesting, all the episodes but the most recent are available streaming on Netflix.

Men In Black 3 was a surprise for us.  After the disaster that was MIB2, expectations could not have been lower.  Weren’t we pleasantly surprised and even a little impressed with Josh Brolin’s interpretation of a young and rash K!  Also, the philosophical implications of Griffin, the time-dimensionless alien, were pretty cool.

Next up is a movie that should’ve beaten out Argo for picture of the year!  Beasts of the Southern Wild was a beautifully shot, beautifully acted, beautifully made film.  I wish we had seen it on the big screen. Quvenzhane Wallis was fierce and adorable. I can’t even think about Hushpuppy saying “This is my favorite thing” without breaking down.  A lot of impact in a simple story.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower was another Netflix watch.  A nice coming of age story of a young high school student that finds a quirky set of friends that he can fit in with.  A little slow, but very sweet.

And finally, the latest in the franchise, The Bourne Legacy.  I have a small problem with all the Bourne films – I can’t keep track of who the CIA/FBI/ABCD agents are and which Blackbriar/Treadstone/Brownstone program does what.  It probably doesn’t really matter but it’s a teeny bit distracting.  Plus some of the dead guys from Ultimatum were alive at the beginning of this one and I didn’t catch that they were overlapping until C explained that to me. Anyway, it was still pretty good, and for some reason I really liked watching Aaron Cross slide down the gap between two buildings.  Nicely done, Aaron.

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2 Responses to Movie Catch Up

  1. jonnyhavey says:

    I really like how you combine new and old movies in your analysis. I also agree that MIB3 was a pleasant surprise. 2 was pretty bad, so seeing Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin pull it together was awesome! Did you know that one of the Cohen Brothers wrote the script? Here is the link to my Entertainment News site if you are interested:

  2. K says:

    I didn’t know that. I’ve only recently started seeing their work, after True Grit came out. But that would explain why it was so much better than #2! Thanks for the link, and for checking out our blog!

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