One Liner Movie Mash Ups

Iron Man 3:  Consider it a redemption from IM2. C:7.5, K:7
Andromeda Strain: Love that retro sci fi! C:8.5, K:9
Dredd: Better than Stallone. C: 6
Martian Child: Sweet required watching for parents. C:6.5, K:6
Star trek Into Darkness: Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch makes this! C:9, K:8
Stoker: Creepy and beautiful and don’t forget to turn up the volume. C:8, K:7
Snow Cake: Never thought we’d see Severus pay Trinity for sex before. C:7, K:5
The Sessions: True heartfelt story. C:8.5, K:7
Good Day to Die Hard: Favorites are still the first and third. C:4, K:4
Greatest movie ever sold: Sell it, sell it, but don’t buy it. C:4, K:4
Waking sleeping beauty: Amazing behind the scenes at Disney and it’s not a fairy tale. C:9, K:7
Oz the great and powerful: Oh, Mr. Franco, you got greedy. C:6, K:4
Life of pi: Storytelling with neon island! C:7.5, K:8

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