Netflix Random Picks

I’ve been digging the Netflix Random Picks suggestions in our queue.  A couple of interesting picks we’ve watched recently:


First up, a 2011 thriller called The Awakening.  This is what we’ll offer as Exhibit A in how to do a chilly, slightly scary movie well.  Not perfect, but The Awakening was creepy, had a couple of decent scares, moved along fairly quickly, and had a nice resolve.  Acting was good, script avoided cheese, and you can forgive the few random bits that don’t seem to have anything to do with the rest of the movie.  We’ll call them red herrings.  Plus, Dolores Umbridge! A solid 6 mangoes and pretty good watch on an overcast stay-home kind of day.

devilAnd then we have Devil, the 2010 offering from M. Night Shyamalan.  Or, Exhibit A in how to NOT do a chilly, slightly scary movie well.  There was some creepy factor, some gross-out bits that weren’t too gross, but I just didn’t really care that much.  My favorite guy was the poor Catholic security guard that no one took seriously until it was too late, and that’s not saying much.  I’m going to be generous here with a 3 mango rating.  M. Night, I miss you.  Come back to us.

One of my favorite things about netflix, I’m learning, is that it reminds me of the displays near the check out computers at the library.  Sometimes it’s fun to pick up a book just because the cover looks interesting.  The random picks has some stinkers, true, but it’s fun to take the chance knowing you can always hit your back button and try again.

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