Herby-K’s, Shreveport, LA

C and I got to take a Christmas road trip to see a friend in New Orleans last year!

We had a LOT of good food during our trip, but I have to say, my favorite place was our lunch stop in Shreveport.  I was furiously googling for a location while C drove, and came across some pretty positive review’s for Herby-K’s.  It was tucked in a pretty old and empty neighborhood, so it’s got to survive on reputation alone.  But that wasn’t too surprising after we ate there!


C has a shrimp po-boy and I had the baby shrimp buster.  Both were super good, with crispy fried shrimp that weren’t greasy, soggy, or tasteless.  Yummy fries and coleslaw, but most importantly, yummy shrimp buster sauce!  I had to bring a bottle home.  I’m saving it for our first brisket of the year.


If you are in that part of town, don’t let the nay-sayers sway you.  Give Herby-K’s a try!

K’s rating of Herby-K’s: 8 mangoes

C’s rating of Herby-K’s: 7 mangoes

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