Billy’s Oak Acres BBQ – Fort Worth, TX

I read about Billy’s Oak Acres BBQ somewhere and filed it away under my “places to try” mental folder.  So one afternoon when C and I were up in the north side of town heading to a movie, we decided to stop in for a bite.  It was late for lunch, 2 or 3ish.

They were out of food.


No meat, no sides.  Out.

I knew this place was going to be good.

So we found our way back recently and enjoyed a pretty good meal!  Billy’s is pretty much what you would expect from a small-town, side-of-the-road bbq joint, except it’s much bigger inside than it looks.  And it smells amazing.

I ordered the pulled pork sandwich with a side of deviled eggs (!!!) and C went with brisket and beans.  Oh, and they had homemade root beer on tap!

Pulled pork!

Pulled pork!



I’ll be honest.  I didn’t take any pictures of C’s food because I wanted to eat mine as soon as it got out.

The pulled pork was the big winner here.  It was capital-D Delicious!  The brisket was good, the deviled eggs a little plain for my taste, and the beans I thought were surprisingly tasty.

So, come for the pulled pork, and I’m definitely going back to try the ribs!

Also, skip dessert.  Not really worth it at this location, unfortunately.

K’s rating of Billy’s Oak Acres BBQ: 7 mangoes

C’s rating of Billy’s Oak Acres BBQ: 5 mangoes

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