Jerry’s Italian Bistro, North Richland Hills

C and I went to dinner last weekend at a little place called Jerry’s Italian Bistro in North Richland Hills.  It was a late dinner (for us), probably around 8:00, and apparently late for Jerry’s, too.  We were one of 3 or 4 couples there that night.


Which I thought was sad, because it was a pretty decent meal for the price.  Although the salad and rolls weren’t anything you’d be craving to come back for the next day, the they were fresh and good.  But it was the main courses that stood out.  C went with Chicken Cacciatore, and I had Rigatoni Alla Vodka.  Both dishes were nice and hot, yummy, and tasted great.  C was sopping up his sauce with extra bread, and I’m not ashamed to admit I borrowed his idea myself.  Portions were relatively big, I had leftovers to take home.  (Sorry for the dearth of photos, I’m out of the habit, I think!!)

Jerry’s was good, and a great local business alternative to something in the neighborhood of an Olive Garden or Palio’s Pizza Cafe.  It’s hard for me to give a glowing review to Italian food (onions and mushrooms make up the majority of the vegetables here), but we liked it better than Campisi’s – the other Italian food we had recently.  (To be honest, we tend to have pasta at home rather than going out.)  But if you are a fan of Italian casual dining – give Jerry’s a try!  It was a pleasant surprise, even for a non-Italian food lover.

K’s rating of Jerry’s Italian Bistro: 7/10 mangoes

C’s rating of Jerry’s Italian Bistro: 8/10 mangoes

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