The Grand Budapest Hotel, 2014

I believe I have mentioned C’s love of Wes Anderson films. After my success with Moonrise Kingdom, I was excited to give his newest, The Grand Budapest Hotel, a shot.

The characters here are the big winners. Funny, strange, and absolutely “on”, they all played in a larger-than-life sort of way that was charming and fun.

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Second big winner, the amazing look of the film. I don’t know the technical term for this (does it fall under cinematography?) but you could get lost in the details in these sets. They are so rich and striking.

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There were some strange moments for me in this one, and a little more violence than I had been expecting (content warning: non-explicit animal violence played for laughs), and gratuitous nudity that makes me a little annoyed. (Honestly, why is it always naked women? Can we just spread the objectification out a little and throw in some naked men once in a while? I mean, I know it’s too much to ask that we not include gratuitous nudity just because some people think it’s funny and that adults won’t see a movie without it because then it’s a “kids” movie. Even though a pornographic painting of two women is not only unnecessary for the plot, but frankly, distracting from it. And that’s not even touching on the issues I have with sexualizing lesbians for the pleasure of male gaze. Let’s not even go there, friends. But seriously, I’m not asking for a miracle. Just some penises to go along with all the breasts and vaginas. Ok? Movie makers? Even up the playing field.) ¬†Ahem. Where was I? Oh, right. And although the plot (such as plots go in Wes Anderson movies) seemed to drag a bit in the middle,¬†overall I enjoyed this movie.

K’s rating of The Grand Budapest Hotel: 6/10 mangoes

C’s rating of The Grand Budapest Hotel: 7.5/10 mangoes

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