Panaderia AnaKaren #5, Fort Worth TX

So there’s a handful of these AnaKaren bakeries around Fort Worth, and C and I were lucky enough to buy a house just up the street from #5 on Camp Bowie.


anakaren no 5

We’ve had their tortas, tacos, breakfast burritos, but most importantly their sweet breads. The gorgeous little gingerbread pig cookies (marranitos), my favorite, and the big flaky pink cookies (polvorones), C’s favorite. Also, pumpkin, sweet potato, and fruit empanadas. But what I’d like to post about is this:


The AnaKaren bakeries are also cake shops and they have the most beautiful tres leches cakes. C got one for my birthday this year and it was surprisingly good.  They come in all sizes, and in chocolate or vanilla.

Although I liked this cake, I’m still looking for the tres leches cake of my dreams.  Maybe I’ll have to make it myself.  The big winners at AnaKaren are the breakfast burritos and the cookies!

K’s rating of Panaderia AnaKaren #5: 8/10 mangoes

C’s rating of Panaderia AnaKaren #5’s food: 8/10 mangoes

C’s rating of Panaderia AnaKaren #5’s bakery: 9.5/10 mangoes

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