Los Molcajetes, Fort Worth TX

I have a new favorite place for Mexican food, and I can’t believe C and I have never posted about it before.  Los Molcajetes is north of the loop, towards the Watauga/Keller area.  It feels like a bit of a drive from West Fort Worth, but it is SO worth it!


Amazing salsa?  Check.

With extra spicy stuff if that’s your style? Check.

Delicious fresh chips? Check.

chips and salsa

Glorious smokey bacony charro beans? Check.


charro beans (1)

And super yummy fresh spicy main dishes? Double check.

C had Quail “The Mexican Way” with rice and beans and I had grilled chicken in their house special guajillo pepper sauce over a bed of grilled onions. We’ve eaten at Los Molcajetes a number of times, though, and really, I’ve loved everything I’ve tried!

And, of course, a restaurant this good deserves a Dr. Pepper and a sweet tea. Cheers!


K’s rating of Los Molcajetes: 9/10 mangoes

C’s rating of Los Molcajetes: 7.5/10 mangoes

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