La Duni, Dallas TX

20140410_182815La Duni is a Latin cafe and bakery from which I’ve enjoyed several cakes at various employee celebrations over the years. It’s not cheap, but it is soooooo good.

C took me to Fadi’s for a birthday dinner this year, and as we were leaving, thinking of dessert options, I saw that there is a small La Duni location on McKinney and Knox right near the Fadi’s we like to frequent. (La Duni’s main location is on Oaklawn and is larger and serves a larger variety of items.)

We picked up a slice of Venezuelan Triple Chocolate Truffle Cake to share and little pack of cute vanilla mantecadas (think: sponge cake).  Delish.  Truly.

I’ve never actually tried their food, which looks great and people rave about (as well as their coffee drinks), but just judging on the desserts – you can’t go wrong. Always moist, delicious, fresh, and well done.

K’s rating of La Duni: 10/10 mangoes

C’s rating of La Duni: 9.5/10 mangoes

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