Crinkle’s & Co., Denton TX

20140502_092113My little sis is graduating from high school this spring (sob!) and I’ve been trying to get plenty of QT in with her before she is off making adventures and being an all around awesome coed. We played hooky Friday morning and hit up a little bakery spot for breakfast together in Denton. Crinkles & Co. is located on 35E and the 288 loop, and we must have passed it a million times. One word of caution – their online menu doesn’t exactly match what’s in the store, specifically a lack of all those yummy muffins!


20140502_09275020140502_092603We were charmed by the cuteness, the little sitting area by the fireplace, the succulents in mason jars on the tables. And although I was made a little nervous by it’s smallness, the breakfast menu had a lot of yummy options and we were both very pleased! (ham and cheese croissant sandwich for LS and breakfast taco basket – one south of the border taco, one cowboy taco, and skillet garlic potatoes – for me, although LS ate most of my potatoes!)


The food was yummy and fresh and although it was a little early for sweets, we will definitely be back to try a cupcake. My only criticism? I much prefer cookies and pastries to cakes, so was a little disappointed by the selection of the bakery.

LS’s rating of Crinkle’s & Co.: 7.5/10 mangoes

LS’s rating of the garlic potatoes: 10/10 mangoes

K’s rating of Crinkle’s & Co.: 8/10 mangoes

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