Cancun Mexican Restaurant, Fort Worth TX


C and I went to this little Mexican restaurant in West Fort Worth on Camp Bowie. It’s close to home, got mixed reviews but enough positive ones to be worth trying, and we really like to find local businesses to support.

20140515_183533I’ll start with the pros:

Aguas Frescas!!!  They were out of pina but the tamarindo was delicious. C also tried the horchata, which I’m typically not a huge fan of, but wasn’t too bad here.

We had the best waiter. He was friendly, helpful, but not too intrusive. Honestly, he was probably the best part of the meal.

The borracho beans weren’t too bad.

And the cons:

The food was not good. C had brisket tacos but the brisket was very, very dry. I had a grilled chicken breast with mango salsa, and the mango bits weren’t too bad but the rest was rather generic tasting. The side of veggies tasted like they were boiled in water and completely unseasoned.

So, all in all, not our best experiment in West side dining. I might go back for a pina agua fresca to go, though.

K’s rating of Cancun: 5 mangoes

C’s rating of Cancun: 7 mangoes (he really liked that tamarindo!)

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