Godzilla, 2014

I’m not exactly what you could call a connoisseur of Godzilla movies. In fact, the 2014 summer blockbuster version is my first foray into this classic genre. And although it had a somewhat slow and meandering start, it was otherwise a pretty entertaining popcorn movie.

There’s a lot of build up with Walter White worrying about seismic shifts at the nuclear power plant he works out, little insights into his relationships with his son and his wife, played by the always charming Juliette Binoche, and then moving on into cover ups and epic disasters. And then, finally, we get to the good stuff.

nestThere are apparently some funky pterodactyl/Alien creatures living in the earth’s core (or was it crust? These details are unimportant anyway. Also, they are called parasites but it was unclear what host they infect. But like I said, none of that impacts the big explosions and stuff.) that are unwittingly released by scientists and/or capitalists. Although the poor things are just trying to find each other for some sweet baby making time, their colossal size is causing some massive human destruction and loss of life every time they sit down somewhere for a snack.

Human efforts, while valiant, are boneheaded and don’t work. Only one thing can save us.

Godzilla posterBy knocking over more buildings, of course, and breathing some strange blue fire (but it’s unclear where that came from). I think you really have to piss him off first.

There was a lot of smoke and debris and I wouldn’t really call this movie “stunning” or any of those buzz words I like to use. Plus, every monster movie from now on is going to be compared (unfavorably, most likely) to the kaiju in Pacific Rim because those folks outdid themselves in creativity and awesomeness. But there were a couple of nice shots.

parachutespikesPlus the opening credits were fun and maybe my favorite part of the movie actually, all vintage footage and secret censorship. The acting and script are about what you expect in a big budget summer blockbuster. The CGI was very good. All in all, entertaining but not memorable.

Oh, and I found this on google and it was super cute so I’m just going to include it here.

Godzilla toysK’s rating of Godzilla: 7/10 mangoes

C’s rating of Godzilla: 8/10 mangoes

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