Movie One Liners

Here are some movies we’ve watched lately


Thelma and Louise, 1991 – A movie that made me feel proud to be a woman, and a sad and touching story of fear, friendship, and never looking back. A classic for a reason but TW for an attempted rape scene. 8 mangoes

Parkland, 2013 – An interesting take on the JFK assassination that deftly avoids the quagmire of conspiracy. Jackie’s raw grief was heart-wrenching. 6.5 mangoes

The A-Team, 2010 – All action, all the time. Watch it just for the crematorium attendant’s ninja dance. A great update for fans of the classic TV show. 7 mangoes

Riddick, 2013 – Imagine that Pitch Black has been remade by that horrifying little 15 year old boy that lives next door and tries to peep in your windows when you shower. Do not watch. 0 mangoes

Kiss the Girls, 1997 – Ashley Judd kicks butt in a thriller about a serial rapist/killer that is terrorizing a southern town. And, per usual, Mr. Freeman is a delight. 7 mangoes

Beautiful Creatures, 2013 – The typeface was the real winner here. The movie itself was a bit convoluted and shallow, but entertaining enough for a teen romance. Think Carrie+Twilight. 4 mangoes


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