I think Kiss the Girls started a serial killer/thriller movie spree in our house lately.  First up:

Prisoners, 2013

Hugh Jackmprisoners_ver6an is a man possessed in Prisoners. When his daughter (and his neighbor’s daughter) go missing, the Wolverine claws come out and this dad pushes the limits of what it means to do anything (and he does mean anything) to find his little girl. Disturbing, and a surprisingly off-beat performance by Jake Gyllenhaal (in a good way) as the detective assigned to the case. 7 mangoes

Jake’s performance led us to:

Zodiac, 2007

A serial kzodiakiller is terrorizing San Francisco in the 60s and 70s and poor Mark Ruffalo (the seasoned cop) can’t nail this guy. Jake plays a green cartoon artist that works for the newspaper but he slowly becomes obsessed with solving this mystery. Spanning decades and trying to stay true to the facts of the actual case, Zodiac was a little meandering and difficult to follow as suspects fly in and out of the case. The most chilling part is remembering that all of it is real, and the case was never solved. 6 mangoes

And then we capped off the weekend with:

Storm of the Century, 1999

storm_of_the_century-showA TV mini-series screenplay written by Stephen King, we have our standard Kingian small town in Maine that is about to go all kinds of crazy. A stranger is in town and he’s a mean little fellow. With his evil powers he convinces the town that they must give him what he wants so that he will go away, and only Timothy Daly can try to stop him. A little (read: a lot) on the cheesy side, Storm of the Century was still surprisingly scary, especially at night in a thunder storm. 7 mangoes


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