Feel good movies

After our spat of murderous movies, and my recent Stephen King read, it is time for some happy thoughts!

movies-regarding-henryRegarding Henry, 1991

I’d never seen this one, but C loves it and added it to our Netflix queue for me to watch. It was the perfect anecdote to all the scares. A high powered attorney that has lost sight of his family has to recover from a violent attack that leaves him nearly helpless. As he relearns to speak, to read, to walk, he reconnects with his wife and daughter and the life he missed out on. Although I enjoy Harrison Ford, I’m not sure I ever would’ve called him a Great Actor. But during the scenes in which he can’t speak, his eyes and face are emotive in a way that stunned me. Beautiful, beautiful movie. 9 mangoes.

philomena-banner_largePhilomena, 2013

First of all, can you go wrong with a movie that stars Judi Dench? The answer to that is no. Philomena is a lovely story about a woman that was forced to give up her child as a teenager and now wants to reconnect with him. Steve Coogan plays the jaded journalist that finances her search in return for being able to write a human interest piece on their journey. Touching and heart breaking, my only complaint was the feeling of playing “elderly” was for laughs rather than for empathy in a couple of spots. Also, we were reminded of an episode of Call the Midwife. You are watching Call the Midwife, yes??? 8 mangoes.

dance-with-me-34094Dance With Me, 1998

I recently re-watched this movie with C (bless his heart) for nostalgia – a movie my freshman roommates and I watched again and again. A love story about a ballroom dancer and the Cuban handyman that comes into her studio, her dancing, and her life, Dance With Me a fun story, with maybe a little bit of cliche and cheese. But the dancing and the music is what really stands out here. Even after 15 years, I was completely entertained (and so was C!). 8 mangoes.

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