One of our favorite things about Netflix streaming service is the access to hundreds of documentaries that would not have been on our radar without the “suggestions for you” section.

Two that we’ve recently watched:

sons of perditionSons of Perdition, 2010

A difficult film following a handful of young men that have left the FLDS family and lifestyle. Although not sympathetic to FLDS leader Warren Jeffs, this documentary is less concerned about making statements about polygamy and religious cults, and much more interested on the dual impact of extreme insulation and isolation on the young people that are raised in such environments, and what happens when they try to leave. Although never explicitly discussed, the most interesting part of this documentary is the juxtaposition of the young men the documentary follows with their difficulties in adjusting to “life outside” and the interviews with adults 15, 30, and 50 years after leaving and finding peace and success. 6 mangoes.

Tiny, 2012

Tiny explores the tiny house movement, homes that are less than 300 or 400 square feet. It follows Christopher and Merete as they build their tiny home, and interview others that are living in tiny houses. The documentary itself is not particularly compelling, especially if this is not a topic that interests you (it’s a little slow and one sided). But as big fans of tiny houses, sustainability, and unconsumption, this was a very interesting watch for us. C and I toy with the idea of living in a tiny house (honestly, sometimes even just for the cool design aspects!) and love the idea of the freedom that is afforded to such a low cost lifestyle. 7 mangoes.


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