Inside Llewyn Davis, 2013

Inside Llewyn Davis was a darkly funny movie, dark enough that you aren’t entirely sure you’re supposed to be laughing, but you think you are because Justin Timberlake is being kind of over-the-top. My mood during watching is summed up pretty well by this screen shot:


I’m not sure if I’m Llewyn or the cat, probably both. Or maybe that girl in the back, I don’t know. Strong points for characters and funny bits and great music. Points off for a certain scene with the cat and overall weirdness and not really understanding why no one likes this guy’s music.

(Since this review contains very little useful information, here’s a very brief synopsis: Llewyn is a struggling musician that seems pretty amazing, honestly, but he’s a total jerk and is depressed pretty much all the time, and sabotages all his relationships, and here’s a few days in his life. Enjoy.)

K’s rating of Inside Llewyn Davis: 5/10 mangoes

C’s rating of Inside Llewyn Davis: 7/10 mangoes

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1 Response to Inside Llewyn Davis, 2013

  1. CMrok93 says:

    The more and more that I think about this movie, the more I adore it. However, it is a different kind of beast and doesn’t always work. Good review.

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