Minali Enterprises, Dallas TX

C and I were in the market for a (very) used car, on a tight budget, but wanting something that would last a while and would be a good commuter car.

We scoured craigslist ads to be met with people that didn’t return phone calls, had cars much dirtier and stinkier and more damaged than we were prepared to deal with, and were all around getting discouraged.

We stumbled across a dealer ad on craigslist (I didn’t know it was a dealer until I called the poor guy at 10pm at home!) and decided, in our desperation, to drive across town to Dallas and see why their car was listed at such a great price.

Best decision we ever made.

Andy (owner) and Jovan (salesperson) at Minali Enterprises, a little dealer on Denton Dr. and Walnut Hill, were WONDERFUL. If you have been to a car dealership you know all about the long waits, the bait and switch when it comes to their online inventory, the upselling, etc. We experienced none of that at Minali. Jovan was very honest about the condition of the car, and Andy was polite, friendly, helpful, and went out of his way to make sure we were happy with our purchase.

20140726_155853I never felt pressured.

I never noticed Andy or Jovan talking to C exclusively, or treating me like the “little lady.”

The car they listed online was the car we saw, drove, and bought, without any hassle.

The prices were very fair with what we were seeing online, and lower than big dealerships.

We took the car to our mechanic to have it looked over, and he confirmed everything Jovan had already told us. No surprises.

We already told them to keep an eye out for a Prius, and we will definitely buy from them on our next car.

10 mangoes.

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