Casa Navarro, Dallas TX


This little place takes me back to my young teenage years when I first was branching out into the culinary world and discovered Casa Navarro’s “bean soup” (or, basically, charro beans). Pinto beans slow cooked in broth with pork meat and fat, jalapenos, onions, and spices.

I loved Casa Navarro and was excited to come across it again the last time we were in Dallas. Luckily, they’ve held strong over the past 15 years, and the bean soup was just as delicious!

C had carne asada tacos, I had tilapia tacos, and the food was fresh, tasty, and just the right amount of spicy. Yummy (although, not warm) salsa, and the famous bean soup rounded out our meal.

Casa Navarro is locally owned and probably more Tex-Mex than Mexican food style. But don’t judge Tex-Mex by the ubiquitous El Fenix and El Chico. These are some good eats!

C and K’s rating of Casa Navarro: 8/10 mangoes

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