Baker St. Pub & Grill, Fort Worth

My little sis is somewhat, well, obsessed with all things Sherlock. So when she and my mom were out for the weekend, we decided to finally try the Baker Street Pub & Grill on Camp Bowie. First important thing to note: it’s all smoking, so keep that in mind. We sat on the patio since it was nice out but the smoking was still quite heavy if you are sensitive to that.

The food was mostly along the lines of a Chili’s (sandwiches, grill food, etc.) but there were a few “English” dishes thrown in for the brave. We tried the regular fish and chips, the potato crusted fish and zucchini fries, and the burger and fries. All in all pretty decent, standard dinner fare. Prices were a teeny bit higher than expected, but quantities were large and shareable.

This isn’t my favorite sort of food choice, but not bad for greasy fried stuff!

Although no one dared to forge the breach, this was the most interesting thing on the menu:


K’s rating of Baker St. Pub & Grill: 5/10 mangoes

C’s rating of Baker St. Pub & Grill: 6.5/10 mangoes (his stomach has a little bit higher concentration of iron than mine)

Little sis’ rating of Baker St. Pub & Grill: 7/10 mangoes for the fish, 9 for the fries (she still has that young stomach of steel that we all outgrow eventually…)

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