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Minali Enterprises, Dallas TX

C and I were in the market for a (very) used car, on a tight budget, but wanting something that would last a while and would be a good commuter car. We scoured craigslist ads to be met with people … Continue reading

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Sweet Shop, USA, Fort Worth TX

C and I stopped by this little shop on Camp Bowie after gorging ourselves at Mama’s Pizza Lunch Buffet (Happy New Year to us!) thinking that we might want a little sweet something later that evening. I hate writing a … Continue reading

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Burgundy Pasture Beef, Grandview, TX

So, I’ve been reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma, by Michael Pollan.  It’s been on my reading list for pretty much ever, but I knew that once I read it, I was going to have to change my eating habits.  I’m weak, … Continue reading

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Dr. Pepper Museum, Dublin, TX

A while ago K introduced me to Groupon and we have never looked back.  Now, we have used the Groupons with little trouble and even though the places we’ve been haven’t all been good, we still enjoy the process and … Continue reading

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Linkeldesigns, Etsy

I ordered some jewelry for K for some cute little Christmas gifts.  I’ve always enjoyed the vintage look and came across this site via Etsy.  There were plenty of playful, affordable designs and best of all–each piece comes wrapped in … Continue reading

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TJ’s Seafood Market, Dallas, TX

A few months ago Groupon had an offer for $50 worth of seafood for $20 at TJ’s Seafood Market in Dallas.  I had never shopped there before, but being the uncompromised lover of seafood that I am, I couldn’t pass … Continue reading

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