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The Tree of Strife (aka The Tree of Life, 2011)

Well, at least we tried. Made it about 20 minutes in and realized we were never gonna be able to sit through 2 more hours of this. The sort of movie that you think you should like, even though you … Continue reading

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Pretty in Pink, 1986

Oh. Em. Gee. Remind me why we liked this movie?  I watched it for the first time in 15+ years and can I just say, this is the least romantic, most horrifying example of teenage toxic relationships in 80s movies … Continue reading

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Premium Flush (Premium Rush) – 2012

Bicycles are beautiful.  I grew up playing soccer and recreational riding with friends.  In the matter of full disclosure, it was more romanticism than anything else.  I watched professional riders during ABC’s coverage of the Tour de France and was … Continue reading

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Blackout by Connie Willis

I put Blackout and All Clear (by Connie Willis) on my reading list some time ago, and it’s a good thing I can’t remember where the recommendation came from because they’d be getting a scathing letter from me! I just … Continue reading

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Battleship (…Smattleship), 2012

Dear Battleship Producers, Shame on you.  You threw everything in but the galley sink.  I think this is why Mr. Neeson only agreed to do 10 min of your awful movie.  And, although we did get through it, which, incidentally … Continue reading

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