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Under the Dome, by Stephen King

(A million trigger warnings for rape and violence) Well, I guess I’m not a Stephen King fan. My first foray into King’s cannon was through movies (Carrie, Christine) and the movie The Green Mile was what got me to read my first … Continue reading

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Melt, Fort Worth TX

So, Fort Worth has a serious dearth of independent little ice cream shops. There’s frozen yogurt on every corner practically, and Curly’s on Camp Bowie for some (truly awesome but limited in flavor choices) frozen custard, and the ubiquitous Braum’s. … Continue reading

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Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter – 2012

Here’s a movie I was hoping to love!!  Some thoughts: I know, I know, it’s a movie.  A VAMPIRE movie.  But there was some serious liberties taken with the history here.  I have to mention it. I could have forgive … Continue reading

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Sweet Shop, USA, Fort Worth TX

C and I stopped by this little shop on Camp Bowie after gorging ourselves at Mama’s Pizza Lunch Buffet (Happy New Year to us!) thinking that we might want a little sweet something later that evening. I hate writing a … Continue reading

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Roku and the time of the Hulu Plus fail

    VS.   So back in the day, before I met my dearly beloved, I lived in this cute little apartment that I had “splurged” on.  Up to that point I had tried to stay towards the lower end … Continue reading

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